Il  gatto con gli Stivali
Il  gatto con gli Stivali

il gatto con gli stivali

mixed media on paper

Notte di Fiaba Contest "Il Gatto con gli Stivali"/ Riva del Garda

Livio Sossi Special Prize for the Contest “Il Gatto con gli Stivali” promoted by Notte di Fiaba in Riva del Garda (TN) “Interesting for the naïveté of the stroke, which sometimes recalls some of the graphic-expressionist results of George Grosz, the project has struck for its non-trivial and unexpected results. The special prize "Livio Sossi - Emerging talents" aims to be an incentive to continue in the stylistic and sign research towards a full maturity”

Marta Lonardi
Freelance Illustrator
& Art Therapist